Wednesday 1 July 2009

Canada Day

If I recall the facts correctly this flag, on the main post office, was the idea of the workers in the plant and I think they paid for it.

The flag is only there for a few days each year. Two large insignias and some lettering are covered to prevent the flag from getting snagged.

It may not be common knowledge outside the country but, 364 days a year, Canadians aren't so big on flag waving. But the flag will be absolutely everywhere today in every conceivable form.

In 1996 the government declared February 15 Canada's official flag day. As far as I can tell the day comes and goes without much of a to-do.

We're 142. The years have just flown by.


Virginia said...

A very happy Canada Day to you and yours W! Awww go ahead and wave those flags. I can hear Bob Crowe humming O Canada! HA Wait till the 4th on my blog, I'll naturally overdo the flag thang!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you expect us to say you don't look a day over 141.