Wednesday 29 April 2009


I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject and what I notice is that other oil companies don't seem to pay much attention to the appearance of their fleets. 

Chevron trucks, on the other hand, are always in shipshape and Bristol fashion. 


Babzy.B said...

Is there an exhibition about Van Gogh in Vancouver, i can see a little bit of an selfportrait on a billboard, i think i am more interested in painting than trucks , even if this one is impressive ;) ?

Wayne said...

I think it's an Imax movie, I didn't even notice the billboard.

Virginia said...

So you're an expert on gasoline trucks. Well that's good to know. I'm sure I'll need your services a lot in the future.
And I want to go to that Imax movie about Van Gogh too! Babzy, you've got some eyes!!!

WV: is HYSTE as in oil companies!

Kim said...

You are right about their fastidiousness about their trucks. The scene: the San Quentin end of the Richmond Bridge over SF Bay, 5:30 AM, black ice, suddenly spinning cargo van, driver SEEs his van turning circles in the reflection of the tanker truck he is clipping as he spins along, all in in slo-mo. All comes to a stop. The van pulls slowly ahead of the tanker and parks at the rail. Two men, shaking like leaves, get out of their vehicles and thank god damage is minimal and that the shiny Chevron tanker, just loaded near the other end of the bridge and absolutely full of gasoline, has not exploded and blown them and maybe the bridge to bits. My husband said those trucks are cleaner than some milk trucks!