Saturday 28 March 2009

The Drive

Commercial Drive looking North from 6th Ave.

I'm no expert on what goes on up on Grouse Mountain. But I know they have snow making equipment and it looks like they might be using it on the runs.

Typical of a Vancouver Spring, one person in a ski jacket and the next one in shirtsleeves. 


Virginia said...

I remember the hellish winter we spent in Wisconsin that when the temp rose to 32F we barely wanted to wear a coat and everyone shoveled their charcoal grills out and we all cooked hamburgers. Maybe the guy in shirtsleeves is ready for spring a bit early! That snowy mountain is gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

Love the drive and scenery like that is why I so love Vancouver. Sigh.

Great street scenes and chuckling at the differing clothing choices.

Julie said...

such scenery in your area.