Wednesday 24 December 2008

Out And About

On Monday the sun was out and the seawall at English Bay was a popular spot to enjoy the snow.  Today it's snowing again, a lot. 

Road Harbour, BVI (British Virgin Islands) is blanketed in 10 inches of snow. The lettering on the stern that is.

The Southern Star is registered in the BVI. I don't know if she's ever been there, she's been tied up by the Westin Bayshore for years. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my - how very strange to see the snow covering a very familiar place that is usually so green. Just out of shot is a bench where I have spent many an hour watching the world go by.

Lori said...

I remember English Bay from my one trip to Vancouver. I can't believe you have that much snow. It looks so lovely! Vancouver is such a beautiful place.

Sharon said...

Another beautiful snow picture. Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.

Virginia said...

Your city with a blanket of snow is just dazzling. Thanks for all the snow photos. They are all just great. I will hate too see it melt. Here? Downpour and I went to church with just a wrap, no coat! Vive la difference. or is it LE ? I never know.

Clueless in Boston said...

Great exposure and beautiful scene. It does look unusual to see snow there, but it is gorgeous with the snow cover. Merry Christmas!

Pat said...

Hi, Wayne! It's finally snowing here now, too. Yours is a lovely shot.

The other day you commented on my flag of sheets, and I answered you, but mistakenly sent it to Marley. Here's what I said, so check it out (I do have an undies flag!):

Hi, all! Thanks for your comments. Marley, I actually had posted some undies in a line here:

but didn't make a flag connection since they were all white!