Wednesday 19 November 2008


As a rule I'm almost a week ahead with my posts. 
It makes my life simpler and simple is my middle name.
I should probably reword that.

Yesterday was such a nice day that I went on a fairly long walk and one of the shots I came across was this tree in Gastown. This is as 'hot off the press' as we'll ever get on VDP by Wayne.


Lori said...

Wish I was a week ahead in planning my posts. That splash of color from the tree is beautiful in the shot!!

Debbie Courson Smith said...

I often dream of being a week ahead in my posts, but real life is too distracting! Good to know you're so organized.

Laurie Allee said...

A week ahead in your posts? Wayne, you amaze me! I never know what I'm going to post until I sit down in the middle of the night to actually post.

This tree is so optimistic and sweet. I love it. Remember the tree in Harold and Maude that Maude wanted to save from the city? FOr some reason, this reminds me of that.

How does it stay so green this time of year?

Babzy.B said...

Thank u very much Wayne for your french comment on my blog ;)Merci beaucoup!
I post on the evening for the next are very well organised !

angela said...

I can't quite get my head round you being a week ahead...I'm so envious.
That lovely tree is a bright splash of colour against all that man made-ness

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

my personal blog rarely has more than a couple of pre-scheduled post.

Hyde DP has pencilled in posts for a couple of months though only up to a week or so are actually written but sometimes something topical comes up and things get shifted around

why am I still here at 1.38am?

Bob Crowe said...

Well, then, your spontaneity is all for the good. Nice color and composition. Makes me think back to a strange dinner we once had at an African-themed restaurant in Gastown. Which, in turn, makes me think back to candidates for the best restaurant meal we've ever had in our lives (at the original Lumiere - the new one is too stuffy) and the worst restaurant meal we've ever had in our lives (at the KY Gardens in Chinatown. It's a story in itself I'll tell you some time.)

Hilda said...

Pretty! I've never seen a tree with all yellow leaves — the only downside to not having autumn, I think.

I'm like Laurie. I choose what to post only when I've sat down at my computer. And I don't use the scheduled posts either, which is why I miss some days.

Wayne said...

This as been educational. So many are impressed that I create posts ahead of time and I'm impressed that everyone else seems to be more or less spontaneous about the whole business.

I know what is going on here. Everyone but me has a life.

Bob, I don't recognize the African themed place. If you went to a place called KY Gardens it serves you right but I'd still like to hear the story. The chef who made Lumiere famous, Rob Feeney, is kaput. He is now some kind of food stylist for a chain of popular eateries called Cactus Club.

Gerald, you're retired, you can stay up as late as you like.

Thanks you guys.

Saretta said...

Wow! Incredible yellow!

Jill said...

Beautiful autumn color. I noticed the guy with a big camera and tripod--I'm always intimidated when I see that and just pretend not to notice them.