Thursday 25 September 2008


On Wednesday I bused it up to Simon Fraser University. I'm a member of the Co-operative Auto Network and sometimes I volunteer at our booth at eco type events.

Yesterday's event was the Sustainability Festival held by the university. I enjoyed myself. 

I hadn't been up to SFU for many (as in 20 or more) years. I've only been a few times in my life. So while I was there I took quite a few pics. It's an exceptional place architecturally and I'll put up another shot tomorrow.

In case anyone is starting to wonder, I know I am, I can actually take horizontal pictures. It's just that I liked this one better than the straight ones. I hope no one is getting queasy. 


Laurie Allee said...

Yes, Wayne. Keep giving us the unconventional perspectives -- I think this one works beautifully for this shot. In such a linear space of right angles, the tilt allows us to study the image with new eyes. It's what makes this so memorable. (Can you tell how much I love this photo?)

I checked out your car-sharing organization. Yet another way Canada has it all over the US. What a GREAT idea.

Glad you had fun. Looking forward to more shots.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to see more of that buiding!

I liked your comment on my blog regarding the Wall Street/Casino thing! :-)

Virginia said...

It looks to me that you favor horizontal. Weird, but I seem to always shoot vertical. That's a problem for me when I want to change my header photo. , ( yes, a tad of OCD or ADD who knows). I have to actually focus on taking horz. photos for that purpose. Guess that makes us all the more special and ....creative and ....what are we???

Anonymous said...

I like these funny perspectives too! I take them myself sometimes, fairly often - they can make a mundane image come to life sometimes, although sometimes they can be a bit much I guess.

Moya said...

I love SFU. On a sunny day, looking up the river from the cafeteria on a lazy afternoon is a great escape while avoiding peak border crossing time.